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Lisa F. Jan 2015
I would like to let you know that Huy and his partner did a great job – My next door neighbor may want to change his floor soon. I already gave your company's contact information to him. Regards, Lisa.

Maria A. Dec 2014
I just bought a beautiful hickory engineered wood floor las weekend and the installers came two days later and worked for 2 days and created an amazing new floor in my living room, downstairs hallway, 14 stairs going up and the upstairs hallway.

Alex helped me with the process in the office and he was wonderful. The men that worked on the job, Boldo and Nick were also very nice and hard working. The did an excellent job and the new floor is gorgeous. Furthermore, the whole process was pleasant from start to finish. The price is in my opinion, the best in town. I checked out the Floor store and Lumber Liquidators before choosing Factory Direct and I know I saved a lot of money with Factoy Direct.  I found them throught rhe internet since I live in Walnut Creek and they are in San Leandro. I consider myself lucky and recommend them highly.

Noelle A. March 2014
We just had our entire second floor (long hallway and three rooms) and our stairs installed with a really nice laminate.  We love the results! It has given a new look to our home. The price was great and the workmanship excellent! We purchased the flooring on a Friday and the job was completed by the following Friday (thanks to Danbaa and Agi).  They were on time each day and were a pleasure to work with.  We would definitely recommend Factory Direct Floor to anyone!

James W. Oct 2013
Hi Guys, 
I just wanted to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH for everything you have done for my wife and I.  The house looks beautiful, and we cant wait to start a family and life in the house!!  Thank you both very much for all the hard work, I know you have bent over backwards for me, and I truly appreciate it.  If there is anything I can ever do, please let me know.  I wish you all the best, lots of success, good health, and happiness.  

When all the renovations are finished, we will have a house warming party.  I would be honored if you all can come, and please invite your families!!!!
With my sincerest and humble gratitude to you both, cheers!!!

Natalie F.  Oct 2013
It smiles big on what it serves. Factory Direct Floor did an awesome job for our requirements. Had already heard a lot of good stuff about their service which actually helped convince my family! We banked on this one and more than happy with what we've been served with. Their people did a great job on our floors and made sure we felt extremely comfy despite their on-going hours. The entire team of Factory Direct Floor is very courteous and helpful – offering you quick suggestions and guidance on your ideas. Unlike most others who zero in on quick work with little efficiency, these people work with a wider perspective and a great approach towards their work. You can bet your bottom dollar on this one for your home project and it'd seriously be among the wisest choices from your bucket. Loved their service and the job done! Kudos!

Erica B. July 2013
We used Direct Factory Floor to floor our house. We worked with the people who are an absolute pleasure to deal with; they were very responsive and knowledgeable. Their team did the installation and they were very accommodating to our schedule and fast timeline. We looked at several different companies and picked Direct Factory Floor because of their customer service and price. When they give you a quote they stick with it 100%, no hidden charges down the road. Also, I appreciated that their team could do almost all parts of the rooms. So I didn't have to deal with several contractors. For minor issues after the job was completed they've been very responsive. I would highly recommend them.

Troy W. May 2013
Based on the prices, we thought we were walking into some sort of scam, the prices seemed too good and the warehouse too remote. We looked at close to 14 different hardwood floor suppliers to provide and install around 1,500 sqft of flooring in our 1907 San Francisco home. The floors were by no means an easy install job, over the last 100+ years, the flooring had settled in many different directions with plenty of squeaks coming from the sub-floor. In the end, we couldn't be happier with the quality, price and scheduling that Factory Direct provided. The price was easily 20% lower than anywhere else we looked, they met every installation deadline and provided us with a stunningly beautiful squeak free hardwood floor

Aiden Z. – Feb 2013 San Francisco 2900 sq. ft. project
My wife and I just bought a beautiful three story Victorian home in SF and needed to have the hardwood floors refinished. I chose the Factory Direct Floor because they had so many great hardwood selections in stock so I thought their refinishing work should be also very professional. They were on time and professional throughout the job of 2900 sf. They completed all three floors and the staircase. The maple staircase was covered in awful brown carpet and the second floor was a mishmash of several carpets that all had to be removed. Underneath the carpet was a decent pine floor but it was painted and needed to be sanded and patched. On the third floor we thought we had hardwood but only had it for about 1/2 the room and that was after extensive patching by the guys. They gave us a great price on doing all the floors and even when we ran into problems (or I made a request for patching etc) they met the challenge and never asked for a penny more than the price they had given me. They moved quickly to accommodate our need for the floors to be done prior to moving in. The manager Kelvin was always available to answer questions and was very responsive to concerns. In the end, the floors came out amazing and are by far the best feature of our new home. I would definitely recommend this business for any wood flooring project.

Dan L. – July 2008 Oakland 1200 sq. ft. project with complimentary repair ( water damage ) Feb 2013
I had my solid wood floor installed by these guys 4 years ago and found 2 boards went buckled near the patio so I called in for a repair under the warranty. They made an appointment and came in with some extra wood planks to quickly removed the boards but realized there was a water leakage by the patio which has caused the wood buckling due to moisture. Since its not the flooring's fault, I planned to pay them for the visit but the guys had rejected and offered a free repair when they are on a job in the area next time after I get the water leakage taken care of. 

2 weeks later, after the water leakage had been fixed, I called the company and told them that how much I appreciate this great service and they sent me another installer the same day afternoon to install the 2 new wood planks. I will tell everyone I know who needs floors about this. This is more than their much lower prices and large wood selections – they take good care of their customers too.

Fanny R. – Jan 2013 Santa Clara 900 sq. ft. project
Hi, I have read all the great reviews on this page about how good the prices and selection of the Factory Direct's flooring, so I went all the way from Santa Clara and purchased the new hardwood floor named ' acacia ' for my house and was installed by the company crew. Beautiful! I had no doubt about the low prices and the great selection here but this is the review about their great customer service. The sales manager Tom was the greatest professional I've met in the remodeling field. He has given me all straight and honest answers for almost a hundred questions I have asked a lot because this is the very first flooring project for my first own house in my life, you know how it is. After I purchased the floor, he has requested their in house crew to call me for installation appointment. I thought I have to wait for a few days before someone will call me just like any other home remodeling companies do, believe it or not, the crew lead named Bat, has called my cell phone right after I got into my car from signing the flooring project at their office, guess 3-4 minutes! he has booked a day to deliver my wood for acclimation ( don't understand that but they said its industrial standard required ) and a day to start installation a week from delivery.

Bat, a nice man and his 2 helpers showed up right on time 5 pm sharp at delivery appointment and moved all boxes into my house and stacked up with opening box ends ( acclimation ) and inspected the site with telling me some minor work that I have to prepare as a home owner. They then returned a week later and installed all the loose planks on my floor that became a great looking flooring with all bunch of tools, nails, guns, pumps, etc. I did not understand the procedure but I did not ask a question because I already have trusted that the company knows what they are doing from that point. 4 days have passed, and the beautiful flooring has been done which changed the entire look of my house. Bat has called his installation manager to report that the job has been completed with customer ( me ) satisfied and agreed to pay the final balance with my credit card. They then have taken every single piece of the old carpet and garbage for disposal and left me home alone to think about what's the next I need to do for my new house. The whole process, no hassel, no pain, but pleasure.

Gary S. – Jan 2013 Saratoga 1000 sq. ft. project
well…rushed in yesterday after received their email about the year end sale…it was a bit crazy…the showroom was packed with lots of people…guess everyone's there to get the same "year end deal" kkk… purchased the solid 3/4 inch x 5 inch solid brazilian teak aka cumaru at $4.99 per sqft saved $1800 on my order of 1000 sq.ft. because the lowest price of this same quality I have searched is $6.79 per sq ft from Lumber Liquidators. My neighbor, Mr Guy Yin who did his nice Mahogany floor with the company has referred me to factory direct floor said their installation work is also awesome so I requested the installation but unfortunately I was told that all the 11 company crews have been fully scheduled for the next 3 weeks…I'm thinking to wait due to their low $2 all included installation rate as Brazilian teak is extremely hard wood which is very tough to be properly installed as I read online or I need to spend some effort to find an individual installer with sooner availability but not sure if he is as good and reliable. The only complain I have is that I have waited 40 minutes to place the order…there was only one nice sales person who was helping the full house of customers!! he said everyone else was on the long weekend vacation except this poor guy… I advise the company to prepare for the next huge Sale event with more sales people on the floor so sincere customers like myself don't have to wait for this long in the cold weather… by the way, there are a lot of pallets ( i guess over a thousand of pallets ) stacking in their huge warehouse just like other reviewers said so I feel very comfortable dealing with a company with big inventory and low prices.

Pablo M. – August 2012 Belmont 2100 sq. ft. project
We had our really horrible floors replaced with some great Indonesian Cherry and we were lucky enough to choose Factory Direct Flooring. Andy came out and gave us a very reasonable quote and took care of everything after that. We went in the warehouse (that was the toughest part to pick up from their almost 2000 hardwood selections) and spent almost 3 hours (not pushy at all) to pick out the solid Indonesian cherry for only $2.89 per sf (it's 3/4" x 4" first grade prefinish compare to $4.99 per sf at the other dealer 2 blocks away). Teri was very patient and helpful at the showroom. 

The team that came out were professional and very considerate. They worked quickly, cleaned up after themselves and we ended up with exactly what we wanted. Their site manager Frank who manages 8 crews was very professional and patient in listening about the way we wanted our library to be installed the way different than other rooms. 
I would highly recommend them and would readily use them again.

We have recently had another crew from Factory Direct led by CY out again, this time to lay hardwood in our pool house (the floor looks so great in the main house so we decided to do it in the pool house). The guys that came out did an excellent job again. They talked through what they needed to do, asked me appropriate questions and gave me some advice. They finished the work quickly and we are very happy with the end results. I have agreed to be listed as one of their references with my name and project information. If you see my name on the list, call me!

Nancy T. – August 2012 San Francisco 3400 sq. ft. project
Factory Direct Flooring is a company that sells and installs wood & laminate flooring. My wife and I chose them because they beat everyone else's price and had hundreds of superior flooring product in their big warehouse. They worked incredibly hard over 5 days to install flooring on our 3400 sq ft home and I can't say enough good things. Very professional. Our other contractors were always taking breaks and disappearing for hours – not these guys! Do yourself a favor and check out the dark walnut solid wood floor. Just awesome.

Ted B. – August 2012 Fremont 1000 sq. ft. Project
It's been a good 3 years since I have purchased flooring from these good guys for my last house. I went back here last month and bought 1000 feet of engineered santos mahogany this time ( I got solid last time ) due to my new house has concrete slabs. The same great deals like $2.60 a foot with low installation rate of $2 all inclusive. I was in rush so they scheduled to start the job in 2 days and completed in another 2 days. Work was done perfectly with 2 boxes left as extra cutting waste unused. Since these guys stock everything, they took the 2 boxes back and credited me the full amount. Thumbs up on them! Ted

Eric L. – July 2012 Livermore 1300 sq.ft. project
I just wanted to tell you that your crew did an excellent job with the hardwood floors and tiles, especially with only 4 days.  My realtor drove by after I got the keys and saw your crew working and I told her that I was having my floors done.  She needs someone with flooring experience in her upcoming house (also in Livermore), so I gave her your contact info.

James G. – March 2012 San Francisco 900 sq. ft. project
Thanks again to you and your crew for doing such an excellent job on the engineered wood flooring in my condo. I'm so happy with them and your installers were very thorough and cleaned up the place very nicely afterwards.  A neighbor and friend of mine, is in the process of buying a condo much like mine in the same complex and she is considering having the floors replaced.  I told her about the excellent job you and your crew did so she's interested in looking at the options.

Dongsoo H. – Feb 2012 Santa Clara, CA 1800 sq. ft. project
My wife, I and the kids are enjoying the beautiful floors. Thank you so much!

Melanie K. – Jan 2012 Livermore, CA 900 sq. ft. project
I wanted to express my huge thank you for your overall outstanding service and a wonderful job done. I am extremely happy with our new wood floors and so is my husband and my daughter. You and your team were very professional and hard working and you all did an amazing job.  Your foreman coming over on Sunday to finish the final plank was very much appreciated (and on a holiday, too!)  I will definitely recommend your company to any of my friends looking for flooring work.  I will send some pictures shortly (probably by this weekend) which you are more than welcomed to post on your web site. Thank you again SO MUCH!!!
Happy Chinese New Year too,

Karen S. – Nov 2011 Alameda, CA 1200 sq. ft. project
Thanks for a great job! Looks amazing! Yes, you can use my cell as reference.
Thanks again and I will talk with you soon.

Colleen R. – June 2011 Clayton, CA 1500 sq. ft. project
The floors are turning out beautiful and neighbors are already asking questions! 🙂 I'm spreading the word on what a nice experience
we've had with you, your company and it's hardworking staff. I'll let the floors speak for themselves! Gorgeous.

Keith W. – April 2011 San Francisco, CA 800 sq. ft. project
The guys have been very pleasant and hard working & the floors are looking beautiful!

Billy H. – Feb 2011 San Carlos, CA 1,900 sq. ft. project
"We want to tell you that we're very pleased with our floors. Your installers are extremely hard working, neat and polite.  They were a pleasure to have around."

Manuel C. – Jan 2011 San Carlos, CA 1,000 sq. ft. project
"So loving our mahogany wood flooring from you and so glad the ugly carpet is gone. Just want to say thank you to the folks at the Bay Area Factory Floor company. BTW, you've saved us a lot of money too! Thank you!"

Daniel M. – Jan 2011 San Jose, CA 500 sq. ft. project
"It was such a pleasure to work with the company and its installers. We couldn't have asked for more in terms of customer service and professionalism. I'd recommend Bay Area Factory Direct to anyone who's looking for hardwood floor."

Raymond C. – Jan 2011 Dublin, CA 750 sq. ft. project
"Smooth transaction and great job! We love the hardwood flooring and your crew"

Hue V. – Dec 2010 San Ramon, CA 1100 sq. ft. project
"Beautiful products, large selection, low price, friendly staff, skilled installers, what else should I say?"

Edward K. – Sept 2010 Hillsborough, CA 1200 sq. ft. project
"Thank you guys! Me and my wife love the Maple floor you have installed for us. They're at the most reasonable price."

Gene G. – July 2010 Mountain View, CA 700 Sq. ft. project
"Dave and his crew were on time every morning included the Sat and Sunday as we asked for help to finish the flooring project before Sunday. We really appreciate their work and attitude and will refer people we know to this company."

Wilson N. – 2007-2011 Multiple jobs residential, commerical (bars & restaurants)
"I've been sending a lot of my clients to you in the last 5 years because I know you can take good care of them with your good quality flooring and save them a lot of money."

Zan M. – Feb 2008 Danville, CA 600 Sq. ft. project
– and Feb 2011 Danville, CA 560 sq. ft. project
"We've had a water flood in the house 2 years after the nice Red Oak Engineered Floor was installed by the Bay Area Factory Direct Floor in 2008 so I had them come back to install the new Red Oak floor. They replied my call in 10 minutes with my information and service record and arranged an estimate immediately. The same Red Oak flooring was provided at lower cost than where I bought 2 years ago out of State and the same crew was sent to install the new flooring. Consistent quality work and service! Same low installation rate as 2 years ago!"

Bill L. – March 2009 San Francisco, CA 4,000 sq. ft. project
"All of our employees and customers were impressed by the nice hardwood floor installed by you guys! Thanks for the hard work."

David C. – Feb 2008 Burlingame, CA 5,500 sq. ft. project
"The beautiful flooring at my restaurant installed by the Bay Area Factory Direct Floor has caught a lot of my customers attention. I've told them to go to this company if they want flooring with the best price."

Janis W. – Jan 2007 San Francisco, CA 1,300 sq. ft. project
– and 2 years later – for her new home- Feb 2009 Foster City, CA 1,600 Sq. ft.
"It's completely a pleasure working with this company. They provide a combination of good quality, good workmanship, good price, and a hassle free experience."

Stan L. – March 2008 Alameda, CA 500 sq. ft. project
"Bay Area Factory Direct Floor has the best price and service in the area."

Dave F. – Feb 2005 San Mateo, CA 2,100 sq. ft. project
"Great Mahogany solid floor we bought will last forever! It can be sanded 10 times! We've paid $3.50 a foot for it! Unbelievable!

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